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About Us About Us

VALE.CV is an online platform for selling vouchers with discounts with a wide range of tourist services and activities in which the holder will have the opportunity to enjoy unique and unforgettable experiences in Cape Verde.

The company is present in various areas of activity, with offers in accommodation, restaurants, spa and beauty, health and well-being, sport, training, culture, production processes and much more than you can imagine in Cape Verde.

The aim of the company is to give the Capeverdeans operators a greater visibility, both internationally and nationally, by bringing people closer to the country's existing offers and facilitating access to these same activities. And, with this, boost the country's internal tourism and empower small businesses in the sector.

VALE.CV has a multidisciplinary team with promoters trained in management, marketing, IT, international relations and design, which are crucial areas for the development and sustainability of the company. These assets allow VALE.CV to be a technological start-up that seeks to implement a proactive and modern organizational management, making use of various digital tools. On the other hand, as it operates in the market of experiences, it does not give up the value of face-to-face interpersonal relationships in order to promote productivity, creativity and the organizational spirit within the team.