Cupping Therapy + Modeling Massage in Mindelo Cupping Therapy + Modeling Massage in Mindelo

Cupping Therapy + Modeling Massage in Mindelo

9% Discount
9% Discount


Cupping Therapy + Modeling Massage. Enjoy a unique and revitalizing experience with the Vitality voucher, which includes a Cupping Therapy session plus a Modeling Massage. Cupping Therapy is a natural treatment that uses suction cups to improve blood circulation in specific areas of the body, providing physical and mental relaxation, strengthening of blood vessels, pain relief and inflammation. The Modeling Massage, on the other hand, is a technique that uses intense and deep movements, which reorganizes the layers of fat and promotes the harmonization of muscular contours so that you can feel relaxed. Don't miss the chance to feel the difference this experience can make in your life. Don't wait any longer to enjoy the benefits that Cupping Therapy and Modeling Massage can offer. Buy your voucher now and schedule your unmissable session at Vitality!


- 1 cupping therapy

- 45 minutes of modeling massage


Avenida Baltazar Lopes Da Silva, Mindelo
 When to book
Monday to Friday
 Expiry Date
3 Months
Wheelchair accessible
 Number of People
1 Person
9 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 7 PM


Booking at least 3 days in advance; Cancellation at least 2 hours in advance;

The Partner

Vitallity is a Physical Therapy, Pilates and Wellness clinic dedicated to providing personalized, high quality service to help patients achieve "Vitality". The clinic is committed to providing effective treatments aimed at improving clients' quality of life. With the motto "Vitallity - one big family" and a team of experienced professionals, Vitallity has quickly become a reference in the Physiotherapy, Pilates and Wellness industry. They believe that every patient is unique and therefore treatments are customized to meet the individual needs of each patient. In addition to offering Physical Therapy and Pilates services, Vitallity offers a wide range of wellness services, and therapies. In 2020, they opened their first branch - Vitallity Praia on Santiago Island. With the opening of this branch, they have expanded their services to the southern region of the archipelago and are committed to further expanding their network of clinics to meet the growing needs of their clients. At Vitallity, they believe that health and wellness are fundamental to a full and happy life. They are dedicated to helping their patients reach their full potential and enjoy a life full of vitality.
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