Facial cleansing + Night facial cream Facial cleansing + Night facial cream

Facial cleansing + Night facial cream

6% Discount
6% Discount


Facial cleansing + Night facial cream. Discover the true care for your skin with a refreshing facial cleanse using natural products, elevating your beauty experience to a sublime level. Moreover, take home a turmeric night facial cream, a regenerative elixir. With proven properties to treat blemishes, combat acne, and even prevent cancerous issues, this cream is a true ally for skin health. Pamper yourself or someone special with the synergy of nature, enjoying radiant and healthy skin, thanks to the special touch of Mamdyara products.


- Facial cleansing with natural products

- Turmeric night facial cream


Mamdyara, Rua Unidade Africana, Alto Mira Mar
 When to book
Mondays to Fridays
9 AM to 12 hours and 3 PM to 6 PM
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1 Person
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3 Months


Appointment with at least 48 hours in advance; Cancel or reschedule with a minimum of 24 hours before.

The Partner

Mamdyara is much more than just a natural cosmetics brand in Cape Verde; it's a true oasis of care and well-being. Headquartered in São Vicente, this brand offers a space dedicated to treatments and products derived from natural ingredients. Specialized in Geotherapy, Phytotherapy, and Ethnobotany, its product line is the result of extensive research and studies. In addition to selling cosmetics, it provides unique experiences, allowing customers to create their own products using local ingredients. Validated by ERIS, the brand not only offers high-quality products but also fosters an authentic connection with nature and local traditions.
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