Gardening in water scarcity for 5 people Gardening in water scarcity for 5 people

Gardening in water scarcity for 5 people

9% Discount
9% Discount


Gardening in water scarcity. This special voucher is your key to a unique and exciting experience. Explore the techniques of sustainable cultivation, saving and reusing resources, and don't just learn, but be part, you and your firends, of the transformation by planting new life in Jardim Coração Verde. Every contribution you make with the purchase of this experience will go towards securing the future of this project by providing the water it needs to thrive. Join us and be the catalyst for growth and sustainability in Jardim Coração Verde. Your visit is more than a tour; it's an opportunity to make a difference and become deeply involved in our commitment to nature and community.

- Briefing
- Visit to the space fpr 5 people
- Cultivating some plants
- Snack
- Souvenir


Rancho Carmel, Km9, Madeiral
2h 30m
 When to book
Saturdays and Sundays
 Expiry Date
6 Months
 Number of People
5 People
8 AM to 10:30 AM


Transport not included; Booking at least 3 days in advance; Cancellation at least 2 days in advance; Bring comfortable clothes; Bring water

The Partner

Jardim Coração Verde, inspired by water scarcity and environmental challenges, is a space determined to create life in unfavourable conditions. With a passion for sustainability, knowledge in innovative techniques and an unwavering commitment to revitalising arid landscapes, they transform barren land into life, demonstrating that it is possible to thrive where others see desolation.
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