Hiking to Fateja with Snorkeling for 5 peoples Hiking to Fateja with Snorkeling for 5 peoples

Hiking to Fateja with Snorkeling for 5 peoples

20% Discount
20% Discount


Hiking to Fateja with Fateja Tour for 5 people. Do you like hiking with your group of friends or even with your family members? Fateja Tour presents you this interesting hike for a group of 5 people to the remote beach of Fateja, known as "behind Monte Cara". It's a quiet and relaxing walk where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Fateja is a remote beach located behind Monte Cara, which can only be reached on foot or by boat. This experience also includes a short dive with goggles and snorkel in a natural pool located there. And, lest you forget this adventure, some photos and videos of the moment will be offered.


- Guide with some historical explanations of the path and the location;

- Goggles and snorkels;

- Photos and Videos


 When to book
Saturday and Sunday
 Expiry Date
3 Months
Not accessible to wheelchair
 Number of People
Group of 5
7 AM


Booking at least 1 week in advance; Cancellation at least 3 days in advance; Bring water and food; Bring comfortable clothes, boots and swimwear; Bookings subject to change due to weather conditions; The hike starts from Praça Estrela;

The Partner

Fateja Tour is a project developed by Fernando Wahnon with the intention of taking people to get to know the remote beaches and locations of São Vicente through relaxed hiking, always accompanied by good energy and some other activity in parallel. Through these walks people can have direct contact with the virtues of the beautiful landscapes of São Vicente.
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