Pilates + Relaxing Massage Pilates + Relaxing Massage

Pilates + Relaxing Massage

4% Discount
4% Discount


Pilates + Relaxing Massage. Discover the balance between movement and relaxation at Studio Pilates! It starts with an invigorating Pilates session, strengthening body and mind, followed by a relaxing massage that provides a unique moment of rest and rejuvenation. Enjoy this incredible experience or surprise someone special with this unforgettable gift.


- 50 minutes pilates session

- 30 minutes relaxing massage


Studio Pilates, Palmarejo Baixo, Praia
 When to book
Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays
10 AM
1 hour and 20 minutes
 Number of People
1 Person
 Expiry Date
1 Month


Book 3 days in advance; Cancel or reschedule 1 day in advance; Flexible gym clothes for Pilates; Comfortable underwear for massage; Bring water; Bring personal towel; Respect the timetable and scheduling instructions.

The Partner

Studio Pilates is a clinic that combines physiotherapy, Pilates and massage to promote well-being and quality of life through movement and disease prevention. Its services include physiotherapy in different areas, studio Pilates and MAT Pilates for different age groups, from teenagers to the elderly and pregnant women, also focusing on young workers to improve health and fitness. It also offers massages and drainage to relieve tension and improve body well-being. With a professional team and a modern, welcoming space, Studio Pilates guarantees quality services for its clients.
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