5 RAP (Recovery Activation Preparation) workouts for athletes 5 RAP (Recovery Activation Preparation) workouts for athletes

5 RAP (Recovery Activation Preparation) workouts for athletes

6% Discount
6% Discount


5 RAP (Recovery Activation Preparation) workouts for athletes. ProAtivosport offers a specialized training called RAP, aimed at athletes who want to improve their post-injury recovery, activate new options during periods of downtime or prepare to reach their best physical shape. During the competitive season and also in transitional periods, ProAtivosport keeps athletes active with specific training targeted to their sport. It is essential that athletes remain active during these periods to achieve maximum performance. The trainings are carried out in several environments, such as gyms with equipment and functional exercises, beaches with activities in the sand and adapted to the specific terrain of the athlete's modality. Take advantage of this voucher and keep moving to reach your full athletic potential with ProAtivosport.


- Specialised training plan for the athlete's needs

- 5 training sessions for dates to be booked

- Adaptation of the training sessions to the athlete's sport


 Expiry Date
1 Year
 Number of People
1 Person
 Number of Classes
5 Sessions


Create your schedule with the Personal Trainer; Bring water; Bring comfortable clothes for exercises;

The Partner

ProAtivosport is a sports company, which has been working with several names of Cape Verdean sport to prepare them for their competitions. It also works with the public through various projects implemented in Cape Verde, in order to support the physical health of its customers.
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