Personal Trainer with 1 month Gym offer Personal Trainer with 1 month Gym offer

Personal Trainer with 1 month Gym offer

17% Discount
17% Discount


Personal Trainer with 1 month Gym offer. Would you like to train in a gym? Don't know how? Then come and try a month, from Monday to Friday, accompanied by a Personal Trainer so that your training is done in the most productive and safe way. With this trial voucher you can enjoy a top-quality service guaranteed by the Gym with the best equipment you can find on the island. In addition to the space for your training, you will have a Personal Trainer provided by PROATIVO sports that will guide and monitor all your training so that at the end of each month you can really see and feel the results, always ensuring your safety and improvement of your health.


- One month pass on Energia Gym

- Personal Trainer accompaniment

- Training plan


Energia Gym, Chã de Alecrim
 When to book
Monday to Saturday
 Expiry Date
1 Year
 Number of People
1 Person


Create your schedule with the Personal Trainer; Bring water; Bring comfortable clothes for exercises;

* This Voucher should only be used once per individual.

The Partner

ProAtivosport is a sports company, which has been working with several names of Cape Verdean sport to prepare them for their competitions. It also works with the public through various projects implemented in Cape Verde, in order to support the physical health of its customers.
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