Experimental swimming lesson in Laginha Experimental swimming lesson in Laginha

Experimental swimming lesson in Laginha

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10% Discount


Experimental swimming lesson in Laginha. Can't swim? There is a solution for that. Come and enjoy an introduction to swimming class, where you can learn the basic techniques of swimming. A class in the quiet Laginha beach, accompanied by a professional that will give you a clear vision of beach regulations and safety rules when it comes to swimming. Also included in this experience are some photos and videos of your first experience. Come learn and don't let your limitation restrict you from enjoying the best of our country, a beautiful dive in our beaches.


- Swimming Board

- Photos and Videos


Laginha, Mindelo
1 Hour
 When to book
Monday to Friday
 Expiry Date
3 Months
Check with the operator
 Number of People
1 Person


Booking at least 1 week in advance; Cancellation at least 3 days in advance; Bring comfortable swimwear; Bookings subject to change due to weather conditions.

The Partner

Txiluff is a school founded by Fernando Wahnon with the initial intention of reducing the number of people who cannot swim. It is a concept based on low-cost classes so that learning can be within everyone's reach. Txiluf also serves as a tool to educate people about marine life and introduce the real meaning of the sea to the population.
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